The New Autoblow 2 – A Blowjob Sex Machine for Men

The much anticipated Autoblow male sex machine has finally gone on sale to the public. Critics and customers alike are raving about the authentic blowjob experience that this much improved Autoblow provides. Click on the banner below and see for yourself why the new Autoblow machine is getting everybody talking..and fapping!

Over a million dollars went into research and development of the ultimate blowjob machine. The result is the Autoblow 2 – the most advanced sex machine for men in the world..and you can buy it now for under $150!!

Vorze A10 Sex Machine

vorze-a10Vorze A10 ($464)

The Vorze A-10 is a handheld portable sophisticated male vibrator sex machine for men. This super advanced Japanese Sex Toy combines an intricately ribbed and nubbed masturbation sleeve with a sophisticated vibrator that has 7 different speeds and 7 different vibration patterns (making 49 possible combinations). The Vorze can also be hooked up to a computer and synchronised with specially selected porn videos to turn the toy in a true virtual sex machine!

The Robotic Blowjob Machine

The Robotic Blowjob Machine is the ultimate sex machine for men. It is the world’s first automatic cock sucking machine – a fully automated sex toy that gives you a blowjob at the press of a button. It costs less than $100 and it can be yours today. Click the banner below to order the Autoblow sex machine now!
autoblow 2

SOM Sex Machines

SOM Sex Machine

SOM Rocket Sex Machine

SOM Sex Machines for Men – $200 – $600

SOM are a range of incredibly advanced and powerful sex machines for men.  There are simply no better male sex machines on the market than these.  The machine in the picture is the most advanced of all – the SOM Rocket.  Capable of 180 ‘sucks’ a minute on your penis, the SOM Rocket is gaining almost mythical status amongst male sex toy fans.   The Rocket doesn’t come cheap, but what price for a sex machine that delivers out of this world blowjobs at the touch of a button?

You can now buy the SOM sex machines direct from Japan with really low cost shipping. Click the image on the left in order to learn more.

Zeke Powered Onahole

zeke-onaholeZeke Powered Onahole ($35)

For those who want their male sex machines to be discreet, the powerful Zeke Powered Onahole has a screw-on top to hide the wonderful soft insides backed by intensely sublime vibrations. The sleek black design will look just fine sitting on any table or in the drawer without drawing too much attention…but you know what it’s for, right?  Your cock certainly will as this must be one of the best value sex machines for men ever made – a high tech Japanese male masturbation aid for just $35!

A-10 Sex Machine for Men

a-10A-10 Cyclone Machine ($106)

From Japan comes the amazing A-10 cyclone robotic sex machine for men.   A powerful robotic masturbator which can produce a variety of unique sensations for your penis through intense spins of the internal masturbation sleeve, the speed and pattern of which can be controlled remotely with the hand held attachment.

Easy to clean and operate, the A-10 Cyclone has already become another legendary and much loved male sex machine from Japan!

Cobra Libre Sex Machine for Men

cobra libre sex machineThe Cobra Libre is a powerful new sex machine for men that boasts a stylish design combined with stunning peformance.  Two internal motors produce vibrations and a buzz for your penis tip that is the nearest thing that men have yet had to a male vibrator.  Few sex toys have generated so much word of mouth reccommendations and excitement as this machine.  It’s not quite a hands free masturbation machine, but it’s pretty close, in that rather than thrusting, the machine does most of the work for you.  However, the deliciously sensual effects of the buzz on your penis can be enhanced by gently massaging it through the soft, thin material that covers the top of the ‘sleeve’ of the machine.  Buy the Cobra Libre

Autoblow Machine

The Autoblow is the number.1 selling male sex machine in the world, with over 100,000 of the sex toys sold in little more than a year.  Why is the Autoblow so popular?  Its makers claim that it is the world’s first realistic blowjob machine, and whilst there are now other automatic blowjob machines on the market – such as the SOM Sex Machines – the Autoblow is significantly cheaper at just under $100.

The Autoblow comes in two versions – Autoblow Blast (for normal sized men) and the Autoblow Max (for men with extra-large penises).  The sucking motion is created by means of small metal beads that glide up and down a masturbation sleeve, creating a realistic illusion of having your dick blown.  The speed of the sucking can also be fully controlled.

You can order the Autoblow at RoboticBlowjob.Com for $99