Rends A-10 Male Sex Machine


Rends A-10 ($399)

The Rends A-10 is an extremely powerful Japanese vibrator for men. It is quite unlike any other sex toy for men that has gone before it – this machine will suck you, it will throb you, and it will stroke you – all with 7 different vibration modes to choose from. The most innovative sex machine ever made, the Rends A-10 also features interchangeable masturbation sleeves for endless fun and variety.

The Robotic Blowjob Machine

The Autoblow 2 has been acclaimed by satisfied cocks all over the world as the first true blowjob machine for men. At the touch of a button, men can now have their penises sucked perfectly by an automated sex machine. Wth the Autoblow blowjob machine, you can control the speed and even choose the masturbation sleeve of the machine. At just over $100, the Autoblow 2 is the best male sex machine ever made.